The Most Innovative, Industrial, Versatile Silicone Smoking Products on the Planet

New! The Nectar Collector

Its’ here! The ultimate nectar collector made from platinum-cured silicone! It includes special features such as multi-percolating water filtration, built-in storage container, heat shield and proprietary GR2 titanium nozzle

Introducing Eyce Shorty: the Unbreakable Chillum

Tiny, cool, perfect. The Eyce Shorty is the unbreakable one hitter you’ve been looking for. With its proprietary snap-in glass bowl design, the bowl can be easily removed for cleaning or converted to a dab straw by swapping the bowl with an optional titanium nozzle.

Let's Spoon!

Eyce Spoon’s are our hottest-selling silicone spoons. Its inlaid borosilicate glass bowl is protected by an indestructible outer shell for your smoking pleasure on any adventure.

The EYCE Story

They Eyce mission is to create the last pipe you’ll ever need to own. All of their pipes are constructed with heat-resistant, unbreakable, platinum-cured silicone.

EYCE started in 2010, when Bruce and Charles Hoch had an idea to create a mold that could freeze functional water pipes made of ice.

Since 2013, the Hoch brothers have worked diligently to create a world-class line up of efficient and ergonomic silicone smoking devices. Each design carries its own unique features to create an unparalleled smoking experience.

Why Platinum-Cured Silicone

Platinum cured silicone is a process whereby platinum is added to the silicone prior to hardening in its mold. This prevents off-gassing of the silicone chemicals. It also creates a higher heat tolerance on the already highly-rated grade silicone that Eyce exclusively uses.

How Do I Clean Eyce Silicone?

Platinum cured silicone is so easy to clean! Just remove all product and glass/metal pieces, rinse it out, then put it in the freezer overnight. The next morning simply hit it against a flat surface and the resin should fall right out.

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