Vape Discreetly with ArioVape

Get high-quality batteries for your brand. Designed for discretion, flexibility, longevity & custom branding.

New! Simple Squared

Two-clicks on, two clicks off. It’s square design won’t roll away! The S2 is the easiest cartridge battery for beginners and novices alike.

Contour3: The Most Universal Battery on the Planet

Designed for reliability & flexibility with almost any cartridge, the 1100mAh C3 is the best battery for your store or custom brand.

Put Your Brand Quality Products

Don’t put your brand on unreliable products that ruin your customer relationships. ArioVape products are built with quality parts from the ground up.

Why Go Ario

Positive Vibes with Every Puff

Designed with quality components and thoughtful features, Ario oil cartridge batteries are leaders in the industry across demographics. From the simplicity of the Simple Squared (S2) for newcomers and dexterity-challenged to the universal compatibility of the Contour3 for the ultimate connoisseur, all of your customers can get products that fit their needs. And because they are so reliable, if you customize them, then your brand will give off positive vibes with every puff.


Why Reliability = Sustainability

Higher quality components means greater reliability. This means the battery lasts longer and fails less often, so less go into landfills. When Ario batteries are exchanged, you can rest assured they are recycled properly. Plus, with our lifetime warranty customers will always be able to have a reliable device in their pocket.

How do I care for my Ario device?

Like all electronics, appropriate care and maintenance is helpful to keep great performance and enhance the battery life. Fully charge before first use. On subsequent charges, be sure to not leave it plugged in over night. If there is a problem getting vapor, try using a little rubbing alcohol & cotton swab around the base of the cartridge threading and around wherever the cart screws into the device or a magnetic ring.

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